are you ever looking at weird stuff on the internet and ur paranoid its going to end up on facebook somehow because facebook is connected to like everything

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augustus waters. augustus fires. augustus earths. augustus airs. the fault in our elements

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why does everyone care about being mature for their age like maybe i fucking like drinking from juice boxes and eating my popcorn like a fucking lizard fight me about it

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jongbin at jongsuk’s fanmeeting

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do u guys remember when rapmon and suga used to use the bts twitter to out meme each other 

and suga said he had an old pic of rapmon


and rapmon quickly edited a rebuttal


oh my god why do i bias this group

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date a girl who is your girlfriend

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if u can’t handle me at my hardcore feminist then u can’t have me at literally any other time bc that’s all i am 24/7

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1 / ∞ moments of Junghope
1 /  moments of Junghope

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